Thermal & Moisture Protection

Furnishing & installing roofing systems for both new & re-roof installations

CSI Code: 075000

Waterproofing and restoration

CSI Code: 071000

Maintenance of Membrane Roofing

CSI Code: 070150

Roof Removal

CSI Code: 070150.23

Roof Re-Coating

CSI Code: 070150.61

Roof Replacement

CSI Code: 070150.81

Roofing Restoration

CSI Code: 070150.91


Resin Matrix Flashing/Garage Coatings

CSI Code: 096213

Acid Resistant Flooring

CSI Code: 096235

Terrace and Roof Pavers

CSI Code: 077600

Resin Matrix Flooring for Garages, Machine Rooms, and Other High-Traffic Facilities

CSI Code: 071800


Below-Grade Eress Assemblies

CSI Code: 107443

Green Roof Installations

CSI Code: 073363

Sheet Metal and Copper Installations Including Dampproofing (including metal roofing, copings and sidings)

CSI Code: 076000

Metal roofing installations

CSI Code: 07410